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Stop Designing as if it Were a Hobby! It's time to start



A very warm hello and thanks for stopping by. My name is Margo DeGange. I want to help you make REAL MONEY in your business while you have MORE FUN and MORE FREE TIME to spend with the people you love and doing the things that matter most to you. I can show you how to do things the RIGHT WAY in your business so that your life is YOUR OWN and YOU are in control--making tremendous gains, making profits, and making a difference for yourself and those you care about. Let's make your decorating or design business a huge success (we even help design industry speakers gain success).


Did you know that successful designers, decorators, and color consultants are NOT smarter than the average professional? They just have the right information and the right tools and they act on them. Why do you think it is hard, or has been hard, for YOU to do or to act on the things that will make you a definite success fast? It is because you do not know what to spend your time on and what to let others do for you, and which activities to simply stop or avoid like the plague. IF you knew for certain what do do, and you could do it EASILY and HAVE FUN doing it, do you think you would be a success? Of course! Brilliant success is NOT HARD, it really is not. You just need CLEAR DIRECTION and EASY TO USE TOOLS that do most of the work for you!


I will show you the SUREFIRE SYSTEMS that THE MOST SUCCESSFUL decorators and designers use to make their businesses SOAR and their profits SUBSTANTIALLY INCREASE QUICKLY. I provide you the SECRET STRATEGIES that lead to YOUR Design Business Success when you follow them. From this point on, it does not have to be "the other decorator" who is making the money and getting the clients. YOU can be THAT Decorator or Designer! Get ready for AMAZING CHANGE in YOUR life, and I mean AMAZING!


I have been in the Interior Design industry for 20 years-- in EVERY ASPECT including running my own design studio and workroom, teaching and training others, designing custom bedding and window treatments, creating children's spaces and a national baby bedding line, doing professional color and paint consultations, changing clients lives through  Interior Environment Coaching©, professional organizing, and redesign. I have been an active speaker and writer and I have run many successful events and seminars. I've mentored and managed teams of successful designers, workrooms, coaches, and consultants. I have held executive positions and served on many industry boards, teams, committees, panels, and projects. I've joint-ventured with builders, real estate companies, and colleagues. I write for many industry magazines and newsletters, and I create and have created scores of books, products, classes, coaching programs, ready-to-go  marketing products, and information products. I have also taught others how to do ALL of these things. I tell you this because I have served this industry, I know this industry, and I can help you succeed.


I have had an absolutely FABULOUS career that has afforded me a life others would dream about. I have worked all over the world and worked with designers and decorators from all over the globe. I have learned some things the hard way and some the easy way because I tried just about everything and anything in my business to attain success. I was a student of success over the years and a student of other peoples' success as well. I had the amazing opportunity to coach and speak with hundreds of business owners, and I have seen many, many business sales figures. I know what kind of figures are possible both from home-based businesses and from store fronts, from working alone to having a team of decorators and sales people.


I took note and documented the proven strategies that worked for both myself and for others over the years, and I have factored in the new media strategies of today. NOW I SHARE that GOLDEN INFORMATION with professionals all over the globe in classes and in my products. Today I spend ALL of my time helping others to succeed, and I LOVE what I do. It is EXCITING to think about the ENORMOUS SUCCESS that ANYONE can achieve if they KNOW WHAT TO DO and DO IT. All you need is someone to show you how and a take-action attitude.


That's what DECORATING for PROFITS is all about-- YOU and YOUR SUCCESS!

Stop designing as if it were a hobby. Start DECORATING for PROFITS





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Quick Links to many of our most popular Products


Get EXCITED about your business again! We help make success as easy as paint by numbers!

Use our ready-made, ready-to-go, marketing products and simple-systems so you don't have to do the work!

Oh, and be sure to sign up for our EXCLUSIVE BRAIN TRUST. We do limit the numbers on that!




Get smart with DeGangi online classes, e-books, ready-made newsletters, & pre-written products.

We do all the work. YOU get all the credit!

Great Marketing has NEVER Been So Fun,

So Economical, and So Easy! 



Color for Design Professionals Audio/Visual Class

1 Hour 50 minutes video. Download immediately.


The most comprehensive short course on color in the industry. This fast moving and inspiring color lesson gives you  an edge on the essentials of color theory, basic color psychology, how to use color in interior decorating, the use of undertones, the color wheel and color schemes, creating a color presentation board, and solving common decorating dilemmas with color. A MUST for every decorator, designer, stager, and redesigner.  MORE INFO


Watch all at once or a bit at a time!





Let’s Talk About... Decorating  Pre-Made Presentations 3-Pack

Pre-made, ready-to-go seminars you can use to do events. They come complete with sample scripts and a main points sheet so you can start presenting today!  We do ALL the work for you. Hold seminars, build and lead your Decorating Tribe, and get quality clients FAST MORE INFO


The 3 Pack Comes with 4 FREE Bonuses Worth Over $195:

Bonus 1: 5 Ways to Market Your Business Through Local Seminars report

Bonus 2: How to Put on a Successful Local Seminar Series for Your Customers

Bonus 3: Printable Handout Files-one for each topics--Easy Handouts, Already Done for You!

Bonus 4: Powerful 2-Part Audio--Become the Local Decorating Expert by Giving Design and Decorating Seminars!

Choose to personalize your seminars with your business name and logo, and a picture if you'd like. We do this for you! instructions are sent after purchase. Download immediately after purchase. Personalized versions take up to 5 days.


Choose 3-Pack Set A or Set B:


3-Pack Set A  $495 

Let’s Talk About… Focal Points

Let’s Talk About… Furniture Placement

Let’s Talk About… Accessorizing


 3-Pack Set A, Personalized  $672

3-Pack Set B  $495

Let’s Talk About… Color

Let’s Talk About… Styles

Let’s Talk About… Window Treatments

 3-Pack Set B, Personalized  $672



Pre-Written Decorating Articles


Never sweat writing an article again! Fabulous, pre-written interior decorating articles you can be proud of!  As always, ALL the work has been done for you! There is no author information on the articles, and you can place your business name and contact info at the end of the article as if they were your own! Great on your website, blog, or as handouts for seminars and events! Use them as entire articles, or break them up for micro-blogging or short posts. No matter your niche, being an expert with an overall decorating knowledge helps build trust with clients! You get both word doc's and pdf's!    MORE INFO




Each article is clean, attractive, well-written, and informative. Best of all, the topics and content will never go out of style because the articles are written using universal, sound design principles. The text will not date.


Each article set comes with a FREE Bonus: A set of blog posts valued at $125-$175

Articles range in length from 1-2 pages long. Bonus blog posts are 145-200 words each.


Choose Decorating Articles  Set 1 or Combo Set (Set 1 PLUS Holiday Set):


Decorating Articles Set 1 $187

12 Decorating Articles

PLUS BONUS-15 blog posts!

27 Pieces of Great Content in this Set!


The Colors of Life
Easy Going Green: Easy as 1, 2, 3
5 Simple Ways to Beautify with Mirrors
Creating Marvelous Bedroom Retreats
Redesign Tips and Tricks
The Art of Accessorizing
Area Rug Secrets
A Lesson in Lighting
Interior Decorating Styles, Simplified
Custom Window Treatment Difference
Fabulous Fabric Facts
Fragrance, the Final Layer of Design

COMBO Set: Set 1 PLUS 10 Holiday Articles  $329

12 Decorating Articles PLUS BONUS-15 blog posts!

10 Holiday Decorating Articles PLUS BONUS-8 blog posts!

45 Pieces of Great Content in this COMBO Set!

You get ALL 12 articles in Set 1 (listed on the left) PLUS:


Your New Year's Decorating Plan
Ideas to Spread the Valentine Love
Lucky Green and What Green Means
Spring Fever and the Home Dec Bug
Beautiful Organizing Secrets Moms can Use
Dad can be a Decorator, Too
A Salute to the Colors of Independence Day
Ghostly Decorating Mistakes
A Cornucopia of Colors and Decorating Ideas
Fun and Earth Friendly Holiday Tips



Accessorizing for Design Professionals E-Book


Learn how to quickly and easily accessorize home interiors for professional results! Win the hearts of your clients EVERY TIME! Gain a DEFINITE DESIGNER'S EDGE and get in on the industries BEST KEPT SECRETS to creating beautiful interiors.  Discover the techniques that the most skilled professional designers and redesigners use EVERYDAY!  MORE INFO






The E-Book Comes with 4 FREE Bonuses:

Bonus 1: An exact copy of the e-book but with audio inserted for additional learning and interactivity.

Bonus 2: A 53 minute DeGangi Winnerview© audio interview with an expert on using trims in design.

Bonus 3: 3 Articles you can print to use as handouts for your business and store events.

Bonus 4: A special PDF with audio added, of a sample "Holiday Specials Price List", to give you ideas of specials you can offer at holiday time or at special events. Learn to make money with bundle pricing. 16 minutes of audio.

Additional Bonus: Accessorizing: Designer Tips and Tricks- At-a-Glance Booklet




How to do a Trunk Show from Start to Finish Audio Class

2 Parts. 51 minutes and 56 minutes. Download immediately.


Learn how to increase profits and build your tribe through trunk shows. The Ins and outs of what a trunk show is, how to host one, what to do, when to do it, and how. Almost 2 hours of fantastic information to empower you to make money through your own trunk shows.






The Trunk Show Success System


A fabulous kit containing EVERYTHING you need to incorporate a powerful profit-generating trunk show program into your business to get high sales from quality clients. Make higher profits and become the HOME FASHIONS ICON in your community.


This fabulous kit contains:


8 VIDEOS (almost 3 hours of rich content), featuring The Trunk Show Success Model, hosting events and using tickets, pricing and specials, holiday shows, icebreakers, and a lot more.


18 AUDIOS (.mp3),  8 of which are a duplicate of the videos so you can listen in your car or at the gym (approx 3 hours of content). 10 audios (almost 5 hours of content) cover everything you need to know generally about trunk shows, and then all of the most vital trunk show topics needed to make big money, like how to do a number of different types of trunk shows, the details you must know about trunk shows, what NOT to do at a trunk show and what NEVER to sell, interactivity, what to speak on, how to do it, which topics to use, fun themes, how to use props, inviting guests, charming ways to get attendees, ticked vs non ticketed events, small vs large events, refreshments at events, a system to get others to help you with the events,  special pricing for specific types of events, whether to use an actual trunk in your show, the option of using fabric boards in your shows (and how to do that), secrets of how to get people involved and buying, incorporating a seminar into your trunk show, speaking strategies and tips, body language tips and tricks, and best of all, my 6 figure units model--a priceless tool to help you make 6 figures in your business.


You also get a giant 3 ring binder (or the downloadable files if you do the download version) filled with all of the absolutely necessary information every speaker should know,  a Decorators tool kit with a trunk show planning workbook, marketing materials, scripts for getting “gigs”, “How to” booklets, door prize drawing forms, printable tickets (and even buttons), sample price lists that you can personalize (downloadable version), games and printable game sheets, quick event recipes,  a hostess kit and hostess special forms for when you work with another person, (one of several types of trunk shows), a "decorating desires" form that you can personalize (downloadable version), ideas on gifts to give away, benefits for others, a trunk show checklist, and more.


PLUS, you get many helpful materials to help you be a great hostess or get a fabulous hostess to promote for you. You also get materials to make you a better speaker: 50 Ways to Get a Hostess , Trunk Show Success System Model-at-a-Glance, Body Language in Presentations, Great Presentations as Easy as One Two Three, Presentation Worksheets, Become a Hero through Seminars.  You get all this and more, to turn YOU into a TRUNK SHOW GENIUS fast! No stone has been left unturned, and nothing is left to change when it comes to you learning QUICKLY how to host the very best trunk shows that prospects will MAKE SURE they get on the LIST to attend! Available in hard copies or in our “download immediately” option.

Learn EVERYTHING, and I do mean EVERYTHING you need to know to be a master at this marketing strategy. Host fun, inspiring, and most importantly, successful trunk shows that get you larger sales, better clients, and higher profits.




Downloadable Version $599


3 Payment Option $223 each (downloadable version)


Hard Copy Version (shipped) $659


Out of the Box Marketing Events and Promotional Efforts E-Book & Audio: 

Build a tribe, lead them, have loads of fun, and create your own wild success!

Marketing Audio and Ebook


A powerful book and audio packed with ideas you can implement to make your business a huge success!


Explode your sales. Become the local decorating leader by implementing the ideas in this fantastic 42 page e-book! NO FLUFF, just all the good stuff! Discover How To: Build and lead a loyal tribe that follows YOU, host exciting & profitable trunk shows, create a simple but powerful real estate program & get local celebrity status, capitalize on designer showhouses (even your own), gain quality clients with coaching, be yourself and have a blast.


Become THE design professional in your community! Comes with a FABULOUS Audio: an almost 1 ½ hour session of Margo teaching these concepts to 200 design professionals. Download Immediately. 




Interior Designers and Related Professionals, join my


A monthly Design Biz Empowerment Super-Session PLUS coaching and a whole lot more!

Move your business quickly to a place of total empowerment!


Note: Brain Trust sessions are on the first Wednesday of each month, at 1:00pm Central (3 Eastern and 11 Pacific ). If you sign up just after a session, we will send you the recording. After signup we'll contact you to set up your one-on-one session. Congratulations on your decision to move your business into money making success!


Begin now. Create the business and the life you want. INCREASE the speed and certainty of your success. Become amazingly EMPOWERED.  Rev it up!

Join my Brain Trust right here for just 99.00 per month!



Become an Interior Decorator

DeGangi 12 week Interior Decorating Certificate Course. Download immediately.

Business Development Audio and Video Course


The DeGangi 12- Week Certified Interior Decorating Certification course gives you all of the tools and skills you need to start serving clients and selling interior decorating products and services. Designed to be completed in 12 weeks with 1 module per week. Finish sooner if you choose. Home study assignments and projects included for certification. Also comes with a 1 year FREE membership in the Decorators' Alliance of North America ($15 admin fees).

Learn real life skills in design, color, and business to start or supercharge your interior decorating related career, be it redesign, interior design, color consulting, staging, or decorating sales. You will learn the most important concepts and principles on topics that are required when serving clients, such as fabrics, colors, focal points, furniture placement, accessorizing, lighting, custom bedding and window treatments, marketing with ease, communicating with clients, and much more. This course is not only fun, but incredibly empowering-a true confidence booster! You will acquire skills sets to put you in a strong position professionally. More Info


 Save with 1 Payment-  $975


3 Monthly Payment Option: $359 each



Decorating School Crash Course

A Fast Course on Interior Decorating. Download immediately.

Perfect for training sales consultants or starting a career. Interior Design Audio and Video Course


The focus in this Crash Course is on the decorating modules and not so much on the business modules, although some exceptional business tips and principles for dealing with clients are infused into each and every lesson. Gain Professional Decorating Skills right away!


Elements $ Principles of Design, 12 Layers of Decorating Part 1 & 2, Color for Design Professionals, 4 sessions on Common Decorating Styles: Formal, Casual, Traditional, Modern, Principles of Furniture Placement, Establishing Focal Points, Accessorizing Tips & Tricks, Interior Lighting Basics, PLUS 5 Bonuses: A sample rate sheet, a resource list, a report on the process of getting started in your business, a home study assignments & handouts package, and an Crash Course Decorating Certificate if you turn in your optional completed assignments. More Info





Self Mastery for Life Success Audio Course

Approx. 1 hour. Download immediately.

Personal Development Course

There are a countless definitions of success and personal fulfillment. Many professional athletes, self-help leaders, prominent societal figures, and philanthropists have discovered the hidden keys to creating a desirable life that’s not simply about popularity, power, and financial success. In this session, you’ll see a new blueprint for achieving personal fulfillment and how to measure true success once and for all.

Finally change your life focus to an elevated and advantageous set-point.


Learn to trust your gut, and the secret component absolutely necessary to do that. Free yourself from envy and comparison and move to a powerful level of awareness that will catapult you to a new definition of success. Learn the healthy role that other people play in you personal and professional life.

                 ●Discover the ONE TRUTH that determines your success

                 ●Uncover the THREE INGREDIENTS necessary for a good self-image

                 ●Learn why “Self-Talk” is not enough, the simple tactic that is

                 ●Gain access to the TWO MOST IMPORTANT components for success

                 ●Discover the FOUR SIMPLE ACTIONS needed for a life free of doubt and failure

Learn how turn on your brains “auto pilot”. Learn to easily equip your sub-conscious mind with a positive and powerful self-guidance system that will lead you to the life you desire. Don’t Miss This Life Changing “Wake-Up and Smell the Coffee” Session!





Creativity Audio Class
Approx. 1 hour. Download immediately.

Personal Development Course.


Discover what true creativity really is (you might be surprised!)



Learn the difference between innovation, imagination, and creativity, and how you can trigger YOUR creativity and take action on powerful ideas that can change your life for the better. Don’t Miss This Life Changing Session!





Get Certified ONLINE!
No Need to Travel!

Now you can Get Dewey Color Certified, ONLINE!

Now you can get your Dewey Color Consultant Certification online through our LIVE webinar color certification class and one-on-one coaching sessions! No travel. Save time and expense. Learn in comfort! Once you register, we schedule the sessions for your convenience!

Listen to this video to get INSPIRED about an Exciting New Career in COLOR!
The Dewey Color Consultant Certification is a nationally recognized program offered through the DeGangi School of Interior Decoration is intended to make you a create “color expert".

Millions of homeowners love color but are afraid to use it. Now they can hire YOU as a certified Dewey Color Consultant (DCC) to do it for them! Inspire and empower their self-expression as you skillfully turn their favorite color selections into precision, no-mistake color combos. The patented Dewey Color Coordinating system, a tool available exclusively to Dewey Color Consultants, ensures your clients’ success by enabling you to customize specific paint, fabric, and accessory colors for them.  

Through this course you’ll master the art of color selection to help clients see what color can do for them far beyond aesthetics! You will once and for all be able to decidedly help clients create pleasing and personal color palettes based on a scientific approach--and in the certification course, you will learn how to administer a color personality assessment to your clients that is research-based and patented.

Dewey Color Course Graduates Course gain the skills to assist clients in selecting no-fail paint, fabric, and accessory color palettes for their home or office. This certification program can be your first step to entering the interior decorating industry, or a natural compliment to your existing design business. The course is open to new as well as experienced decorators, designers, redesigners, stagers, and sales consultants. More Info

“I am so grateful for this opportunity to be a part of Margo's Dewey class. It gave me a new sense of joy, energy, and purpose, that I feel I can use this in every aspect of my life. I don't know how I lived without this knowledge now that I have it." ~ Paula Ward, Texas

“You HAVE to take this class! If you think you know all about color think again. The Dewey Color Class makes picking color's almost child's play. The insight it gives you on your client is priceless in designing their home. And Margarett DeGange was a wonderful teacher. It was all fun, exciting and I'm sure will be very profitable."  ~Elisabeth Dinges, EDesigns Custom Interiors

" I am so excited and motivated to get my business moving after I took the Dewey Color System class. Margo was energetic, funny, and informative. I honestly walked out of class feeling like a true color expert! Dewey's system is a no fail way to successful color selection. If you're serious about decorating and aren't afraid to experiment with colors that will absolutely enhance your client's life, Dewey's color system is definitely for you."   ~ Monet Foxx, Boston, MA.




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and Related Professionals

Sign up for the FREE Designers’ Camp Newsletter and stay posted on new info, topics, dates, and speakers for this upcoming camp and ALL of the Designers' Camps.  

Designers’ Camp is a 3-Day Online Profit-Building Event. Pick and choose your sessions, or join them all! Daytime and Evening Sessions! PLUS BONUS SESSIONS

Take time to GROW your business BIG. Camping is fun and inexpensive! Camp out for your business and watch your profits SOAR for pennies on your education dollar! 




●LIVE Tele-Conferences and Webinars

●The SCIENCE of Success and Profits

●TRANSFORM you’re Business

●Don't Fix Your Hair: Learn in Your Shorts or PJ's!

●Your Pass Includes Your Downloads to Replay Anytime

●Innovative and Exciting Speakers


●For New Designers and Seasoned Pro's

●Campout for 3 Days or Join Just 1 or 2 Sessions

A GREAT lineup of EXCITING speakers. Improve your interior design or decorating business, grow personally and professionally, and learn how to make great profits and reach wild success.

Learn About:

 Pricing  Hiring Decorators   Press Releases for Laymen  Client Coaching ADD-ON-SALES    Getting a Money Mindset  Mentoring   Twitter  Creating Digital Products   Extreme Personal- Care   Your Builders Program   Cloud Marketing       Real Estate Program for Designers     Easy Systems  Delegation COLOR CONSULTING  Your OWN Designer Show Houses  Productivity      How Much You SHOULD Make Yearly  and  MORE    MORE    MORE!








The Decorators Alliance of North America (DANA)

Professional Membership, Affiliation, Industry Certification, Continuing Education, and Business Support for the Interior Decorating and Design Trade


The Decorators Alliance of North America (DANA) provides Decorators and Designers with meaningful professional affiliation, state of the art interactive design and business education, and highly regarded professional certification. Through DANA, members stay connected to industry forecasts, news and legislation, events and educational opportunities, and people and products that affect our careers. DANA benefits help members grow both personally and professionally.

DANA membership is open to: Interior Decorators, Interior Designers, Color Consultants, Window Treatment Professionals, Aging in Place Professionals, Certified Interior Environment Coaches, Professional Organizers, Stagers, Redesigners, Decorative Painters, Decorating and Furniture Sales Consultants, Home Fashion Designers, and other industry professionals.

Our one major goal is to make it easier for you to be successful in your business. We are committed to coaching and mentoring you to success at every stage of your business.

Your DANA Membership provides you with a wealth of resources. FREE monthly tele-classes and FREE monthly content for your own newsletter and blog are just two of the many DANA benefits to help you make more money in your business while having more free time. These are benefits you can really use to gain solid clients and improve your business.

As a member of DANA, you get:

Professional affiliation that you can be proud of

The opportunity to become a Certified Professional Decorator (CPD)

FREE Monthly continuing education courses

FREE monthly ready-made content for your personal newsletter or blog

Listing in DANA’s "FIND A DECORATOR" online member directory

Discounts on products & programs from leading business gurus & vendors

Access to the DANA E-Library, with big discounts on digital products & business tools

Opportunity to be featured in the DANA  DECORATOR SPOTLIGHT


Annual Membership - 12-Month Membership, $184.00 (a $276 value-get 4 months FREE!)


Monthly Membership - $23.00 Billed Monthly


Annual Membership Plus Certification Exam - Register for your CPD exam while joining, & save even more-only $459 (a $601 value!)


 More info on certification



Interior Designers and Related Professionals, join my





I hope you will join me each month for my EXCLUSIVE BRAIN TRUST .

It is just about the best thing you can do for yourself and for your business. Start getting serious about how you spend your time and start capitalizing on the opportunities you have to make a significant income. You have gifts and talents, now it's time to let them work FOR YOU! Join me each month. I will help you move your business quickly to a place of total  empowerment! This IS YOUR OPPORTUNITY. Embrace it! 



Join my Brain Trust right here for just 99.00 per month!






 Let's Stay Connected. Follow me on Twitter!


Our products and tools have helped decorators, designers, color consultants, color therapists, certified interior environment coaches©, redesigners, home organizers, window coverings professionals, furniture store sales consultants, frame shop consultants, and other decorating professionals connect with customers and Build a Decorating Tribe (a following of excited people who want to buy your products and services). These will help you too.



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